NIHCArewards is the headquarters for insurance and employer-sponsored fitness incentive programs.  NIHCArewards links workout data from the fitness center level to provide a monthly reimbursement back to the member.  By managing these programs at the fitness center level, we are able to collect the most accurate data to complete the ultimate online solution for wellness reimbursement programs nationwide.


“While attending the NIHCA Conference there was an outstanding presentation in regards to the experience customers receive. Without a doubt every NIHCA staff member emulates an amazing customer experience in everything they do. Not only do our members gain so much through this organization but Planet Fitness employees enjoy communicating with NIHCA staff on a daily basis. They welcome you into their NIHCA family with zero hesitation. The NIHCA Fitness Conference and organization is an exceptional experience for anyone in the fitness industry.  Thanks so much!”

Jazmyne Neely, District Manager ~ Planet Fitness, MN West

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