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Member Portal “Verify Member Information” FAQ’s

Q. How do I update my banking information?

A. You will go to NIHCArewards to the green Member’s Tab and select Verify Member Information. Complete ALL of the steps. You will be prompted to complete a series of steps to see your profile where you can change banking information at the bottom of the page. Change your banking and click enroll. This information will then be saved.

Q. I switched clubs. How do I change them on the NIHCA site?

A. Call NIHCA to assist you with this.  (320) 722-0084

Q. My insurance changed, when should I change it in my profile?

A. If you changed to a new insurance provider or received a new insurance policy, you will need to wait until the 1st of the following month that you were effective. You may contact your gym and they will assist you.

  • Example: New Insurance Provider effective January 1st, wait until February 1st to change.

Q. How do I add my spouse to my NIHCArewards?

A. Each individual member needs to have their own account and your spouse will need to enroll in NIHCArewards by selecting First Time Enrollment under the Member’s Tab. Add your spouse by making a new account profile using their information.

Q. Can my spouse and I use the same email address?

A. No, each person that enrolls will need to have their own unique email address.

Q. How many times do I have to work out to qualify for my reimbursement credit?

A. Call member services on the back of your insurance card.

Q. How do I find out how many workouts I need in order to get my credit?

A. Please go to your HR department or call the number on the back of your insurance card.

Q. Can I add my child as my 2nd person on my plan?

A. Usually only 2 people under the same insurance plan can be reimbursed for. There are some programs that allow children (18 years of age or older) to be included in the Fitness Reimbursement Program. You will need to verify eligibility with your HR department or insurance company.

Q, What if I attend two gyms? Can I register at both of them?

A. No, your insurance plan will reimburse (1) credit up to the $20 reimbursement at one gym only, not two.

Q. How do I re-enroll after I stopped attending the gym?

A. You will need to go to NIHCArewards and select Verify Member Information under the Member’s tab to update any personal information. The gym will be responsible for approving your profile and submitting your workouts.

Q. How do I see how many times I have worked out in a month?

A. NIHCArewards does not sync with your club software in real-time, so at this time please ask your fitness center.

Q. How do I find out if my club offers the fitness incentive program(s) through NIHCArewards?

A. You may go to NIHCArewards.org and select Club Finder under the Club Finder Tab and enter the clubs zip code. If your club is listed, you may enroll by clicking “Enroll Online!” If your club is not, you may request or nominate your club. http://www.nihca.org/find-a-club/nominate-a-club/

Q. Are my workouts calculated by calendar month or fiscal month?

A. Workouts are calculated by calendar month; one workout per day is counted.

Q. When will I receive my credit?

A. You will receive your reimbursement around the last week of the following month. (Example – February’s reimbursement credit would pay out the last week of March)

Q. Can I call in my workouts to my gym if I work out at home or somewhere that isn’t at my gym?

A. No. You must work out within the walls of the facility to qualify for reimbursement.